Lack of diversity in STEAM fields (10% POC, 28% women)

"How might we engage underrepresented youth in STEAM through a multimedia platform that sparks curiosity and wonder?"


  • Multidisciplinary, multi-sensory

  • A focus on making

  • Social


  • Maker spaces

  • Monument Valley


Middle and high school students who are traditionally underrepresented in STEAM


September 2016 - present


  • Shasha Du: Co-Founder and Designer

  • Manar Swaby: Co-Founder and Engineer

  • Other Engineers: Robin Wilson and William Kamovitch


Design Process

Understanding Our Users


  • Lack of role models

  • Lack of access to engaging content inside and outside of school


Access to Technology

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 6.28.33 PM.png


Focusing on scale and vastness


First Prototype

User Feedback

  • Need for more interactivity

  • Visuals weren’t appropriate for younger learners


User Journey


User flows


Graphic & Visual Design

Color Palettes

Color Palette Psychedelic.jpg

Background Graphics


High Fidelity Mockups



2nd Prototype

3rd Prototype


Prototyping in Code

View our code on Github


Usability Testing

  • UI inconsistencies

  • Text heavy

  • Accessibility

Next Iteration

  • Interactive math questions

  • Responsive design

  • Address accessibility

  • Parallax


What's next?

  1. More testing & final design

  2. Back-end development

  3. Data collection, outreach


Credits: Icons on this page are by Roundicons. Kaleidoscope icons were modified from designs found on Flaticons and The Noun Project. Kaleidoscope homepage illustration inspired by Tyler Nordgren. Trappist-1 background illustration inspired by this.